CGQuorum team CGQuorum forms exclusive project teams for each project so the company management structure is based on the project teams creation to deliver the task
in time, with higher quality and within the budget
The project team is the primary
organizational unit of CGQ
CGQ is the first company which focuses
on the HR project managers competence development.
Basing on the

PMBOK — (Project Management Body of Knowledge) international standarts

and PMP certification (Project Management Professional) as well as international best practicies
and critical project experience

More about CGQ
CGQ team proved its efficiency
n the process of the overall recruitment projects
realizations in terms of new companies startup
having such values as:

common quality standarts

following deadlines

detailed and adequate planning
CGQ Structure The comprehensive approach to the project
realization is supported with partnership of the leading
consulting companies in the fields of:

personnel assessment, training and developing

reward system development

HR administration outsourcing

For soulmates
Working with CGQ project team is something different: deal with ambitious and interesting cases within the unique and large scale startups

getting inspiration from the geography and uniqueness of each project

feeling proud of being a part of the first HR management project team
  for soulmates:   CGQ Team
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